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Apple Features Great Plains Conservation

Botswana is the star in Apple’s anniversary film “1.24.14” celebrating 30 years since the Macintosh was introduced.

Apple’s new film 1.24.14 celebrates the 30th Anniversary of the Macintosh computer, showcasing people and places in 15 locations around the globe. Great Plains Conservation congratulates Apple on the 30th birthday of the Mac, and thanks Apple for featuring our country in the opening and closing scenes of the short film produced by famed director Ridley Scott’s production company, RSA Films.

To view the film click here

To view the National Geographic Creative blog “Apple in the field” click here

“Technology connects the world, it is that power that can bring about change for CONSERVATION. Today we unite people behind a cause at the touch of a button, stop poaching and raise awareness. I am hugely impressed with the quality of Apple iPhone cameras and other products now available that are user friendly and creating a world of wildlife ambassadors. Now we must use them well,” say Beverly and Dereck Joubert (CEO of Great Plains Conservation).

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