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Atta Appoints East Africa Honorary Fellow

LONDON, 13 December 2018 – Dr Mohanjeet Brar (Gamewatchers Safaris & Porini Safari Camps) who served as the African Travel & Tourism Association (Atta) director for the East Africa Region from 2010-2015 has been appointed to the honorary position of Fellow of the Association.

Mohanjeet Brar is a 4th generation Kenyan who is a keen naturalist and conservationist. Having lived and grown up in the rich forests of the Kenyan highlands, he has a close-tie to wildlife and the local people.

Brar is married with 2 young children who love going on safari.  He has a Doctorate degree in Plant Science from the US and is a KPSGA (Kenya Professional Safari Guides Association) certified safari guide and currently serves as a Chairman of the Board of Directors of Ecotourism Kenya.

Atta fellowship is granted to a former Director or Advisor who has made an exceptional contribution to the association during his term of office. A Fellow can retain that honorary position for 6 years in order to provide long-term continuity in the wise governance of the association. 

Current Atta Fellows

Anita Powell – Small World Marketing – Chair 2011 to 2015 

Ross Kennedy – Africa Albida Tourism – Chair 2015 to 2017

As a media partner to the Atta, TourismTattler congratulates Dr Brar on his worthy appointment and recognition for services rendered. Africa is proud of you!

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