Why Content Marketing Will Remain King in 2020

For travel destinations and tourism products, digital content will remain king in 2020 and beyond, with lead generation acing the deck of marketing strategy cards. Here’s why:

Most Important Objectives

According to a ‘Digital Marketing Plan Survey’ conducted by Ascend2 research-based marketing, 18% of respondents cited increased lead generation and sales revenue as their most important objective.

Critical Challenge to Success

Conversely, the most critical challenge to the success of a digital marketing plan is data quality, with 15% of respondents citing lead generation and user experience as a critical challenge.

Budget Changes in the Year Ahead

The trend for digital marketing budgets continues to increase for 93% of marketing influencers, with 41% describing the increase as significant.  This trend may reflect a positive outlook for continued business growth in the year ahead.

Most Effective Tactics

In terms of marketing tactics, social media, content, technology, and SEO were cited as being most effective.

Resources Used to Execute Tactics

93% of survey respondents outsource all or part of the execution of digital marketing tactics to specialists, while nearly two-thirds consider a collaboration between outsourced and in-house resources as the most effective way.

Source for Best Conversion Rates

To find the best source for turning leads into customers faster, Ascend2 conducted a ‘Lead Generation to Increase Conversions Survey’, which indicated that 57% of respondents found content download forms to be most effective.

Content Generating the Most Conversions

The same survey by Growth Factory showed that research reports, video, social media, and webinars generate the highest rate of lead-to-customer conversions, while website/blogs, case studies, and infographics also contribute to effective conversions.

Overall, this article indicates that content will remain king in 2019, but to be effective digital marketers need to outsource at least part of the execution of their marketing tactics to specialist content publishers.

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