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Features and changes we are expecting in iOS 10

Tge WWDC is around the corner and with it, all the curiosity about what would the iOS 10 be like is on a high rise. There have been many rumours going around as to what would the iOS 10 have in store, let us have a look at what would we LIKE to see in the iOS 10. Rumours are many, and so are our wishes.


1.Better keyboard navigation

We can’t expect Apple to come up with its own keyboard, but Apple can definitely work it up to make some betterments i  the already exisiting keyboars. Users who have used android keyboards will surely be able to see the difference.

2. Siri voicemail transcription

With the advent of iOS9, we saw a better siri as it did things that it wouldn’t earlier, but, there is still a lot that Apple can do with it to make is a better version. With news of iOS 10, what we are expecting is Siri might be able to transcribe voice mails into text, this entire idea has for long been a point of discussion as well as consideration.

3. Apple Pay on themobile web

Until now, Apple pay was restricted to only the apple devices in the form of an app. However, now, we can expect and we do want Apple pay to be usable on safari. That’d make it way easier and of course it would be an easy replacement for PayPal.

4. Instagram support for Live Photos

Live photos are a thing. If we ponder upon the entire idea of Live Photos, it is quite a surprise that Instagram is yet to have support for live photos. Other social media platforms such as Facebook, Tumblr, etc already have this feature and now, with iOS 10 we wish and really hope that instagram gets the feature too.

5.Control Center customization

Now this is one greqt fearure, but it needs some changes in terms of how it functions. It is an easy way to access any of your appa from your app drawer, but at the same time, one revamping that the feature needs is to allow users to customize the control center. With this feature, they can remove the applications which are never used and instead, have more important apps on the list.

6. Mail app overhaul

With every new version of iOS one or more of the already so tings applications are given a new touch and the native apps are made better and of course technologically more sound. In iOS 9, userd saw a better notes app and now with iOS 10, we wish that the mail app is given some major revamping as it is pretty outdated now. The latest of features which mails generally have to offer are missing in Apples mail app, and therefore the required update shall be given to the same.

7. Split View for iPhone

When the iOS 9 came to iPad, it brought along with it,  the split view feature allowing for better viewing. iPad’s large screen made this feature a well suited one, but even then, we can have the split view for iPhones latest models such as iphone 7 and 6s plus given their large screens.

And that was about it, about what we users are hoping that iOS 10 brings for us. Let us all hope for the best in the form of iOS 10n

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