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Flight Centre Nurtures Education of Future Leaders

Flight Centre Travel Group (FCTG) is immensely proud of the noteworthy successes of many of their employees who have completed the process of furthering their studies during the course of 2017.

In order to support the growth of the group’s Africa’s business, the leading travel group entered into an agreement with University of Stellenbosch Executive Education in 2014. The relationship aims to create a platform for further education and development of the senior and future leaders within the FCTG group. Since 2015, the education platform has seen over 70 FCTG leaders graduating across numerous executive programmes – imparting the skills and knowledge to lead the business in the current African context with great business acumen.

FCTG is immensely proud of Megan Vorster (Head of Innovation and Business Intelligence FCTG) who received the highest score ever awarded by University of Stellenbosch Executive Education to an individual. Natalie Francisco (Digital Manager) and Grant Luxton (OBW Team Leader) both graduated top of their class.

In addition to this, FCTG have already seen the benefits with two graduates being appointed to the FCTG Africa Executive Team – Bonnie Smith (General Manager of Technology) and Oz Desai (General Manager Corporate Traveller).

“It has been an absolute privilege and honour working with FCTG. In our current learning legislation, learning is viewed as a grudge purchase. FCTG is one of the few organisations who realise that learning and specifically management and leadership development is a tool that leads the business to greatness. They have a remarkable learning culture that ‘get it’. From Andrew Stark to the SWOT team, to the participants, we rarely come across such a vibrant learning culture. Every member of University of Stellenbosch Executive Education sees FCTG as one of their favourite partners. We would like to thank FCTG for choosing learning and choosing us as their learning partner,” says University of Stellenbosch Executive Education’s spokesperson.

We are very honoured to have a team of such high achievers. We’re immensely proud of the extra effort and study time put in by our graduates throughout 2017. As a brand, we are passionate about our employees and the growth of our staff. Having employees who actively expand their knowledge by furthering their studies, and especially a team who excel in such a manner, is a great asset to Flight Centre Travel Group, across all our brands,” says Sam van Gool, General Manager Peopleworks, FCTG. Flight Centre Travel Group is an Australian based international travel company and in the top 5 travel companies worldwide. As the largest holiday company in South Africa, with 1 200 employees, the group is well on its way to achieving its goal of becoming Africa’s greatest travel and technology experience company.

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