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Gauteng’s Winter Wine Fest gears up for July


If you are planning to treat your clients and guests to some serious Wine Tasting this year, then Gauteng’s very own Wine Route, which runs for 8 weeks from the 13th July to the 18th August provides an ideal opportunity.

Now in its 9th year of existence the Vaal River Meander Wine Route discerns itself from all the other Wine Routes in South Africa, in that it has a record number of ways in which visitors can be transported to the various venues to enjoy this annual “Winter Wine Fest”. So you may want to make use of one of the following modes of transport to get you there: by Vintage car; by Luxury cruiser; by Limousine; by Helicopter; by Speedboat; by Houseboat ; by Donkey cart or by Tour-bus/Taxi.

Or you might just want to treat your clients to an excursion to visit the venues around the Vaal who partner themselves with the best South African Wine Estates and for those 8 weeks become a mini Wine Estate – but with optional add on experiences such as enjoying a luncheon onboard a luxurious boat cruising down the Vaal River while sipping great wine or meandering in a Vintage Car between the different wine tasting venues.

For more information contact Dianne Ramage (Wine Route Marketing Committee) on 082 465 1243 or visit


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