How To Move On From Losing Your Job

Anyone who has yet to experience the heart-wrenching emotional and financial turmoil of unexpectedly losing a job should count themselves lucky.

Being called in for a chat with human resources and finding out you are being made redundant is pretty much the worst feeling in the world. The illusion of stability is shattered. You woke up with an income. You’re going to sleep tonight without one.

All of a sudden you wish that you could manage expenses effectively. What’s going to happen in a month or two if you can’t find work? Is this going to be a blip along what will hopefully be a long and illustrious career path? Or is this the start of a majorly negative new chapter in your life?

First of all, if you believe that you have been relieved of your duties under less than fair circumstances, you may have a case – speak to wrongful termination lawyers. Now let’s look at a quick checklist of how to move on from losing your job.

Gain some semblance of direction

OK. You’ve been let go. Made redundant. Laid off. Whatever the label, the outcome is the same. You’re no longer financially viable. The first thing to do is to work out an exact monthly figure regarding your bills, and divide up what money you have to see how many months you can cover.

Don’t worry, for most people, this won’t be an answer in years or even half a year, but more like one, two, or three months. This will steady you mentally. Anxiety is created by a fear of the unknown. Writing down your financial situation is going to be tough, but it’ll put your back to the wall. Now. You need to get out there. And fast.

Finding opportunities and selling yourself in an interview

There are multiple job sites available. Join as many as you can. Join them all. Be sure to check the box that indicates you would like employers to have access to your profile (some people in current employment prefer to be hidden from searches). Don’t forget that social media is another great way to find jobs – especially LinkedIn.

Finally, when you do get an interview, you need to know how to sell your situation. Don’t talk about being let go or being made redundant. This can come off as a euphemism for career termination due to being an ineffective worker.

Instead, talk about how your previous company has restructured towards alternate skill sets not in keeping with your refined expertise, and mention any recent learning you have done that shows how you are at the cutting edge of your field. 

In conclusion, try to retain a positive frame of mind. And as mentioned in the beginning of this article; if you have grounds for your employment having been wrongfully terminated, take legal action.

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