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King Price Launches Royal Namibia Deal

When it comes to car insurance, you probably wouldn’t want cover for the rusted vintage relic embedded in the Namibian sand dunes of your backyard.

But once that old relic has been lovingly restored to its former glory, you certainly would want it insured. That’s when King Price comes in because they’re different to runofthemill insurers.

What makes King Price different? 

Well firstly, King Price lowers your insurance premium monthly. Obviously, your car loses value every month, so why shouldn’t your premium be adjusted accordingly? No-one else is doing it. In fact, with most insurers, the obligation falls on you as the insured, or your insurance broker, to request a premium adjustment – and that usually only happens at the time of the policy’s annual renewal.

Secondly, and best of all, you’ll save a bundle with King Price when compared to your current car insurance premium. And I can testify to this fact. My insurer (or rather ex-insurer who shall remain unnamed but rhymes with way) almost doubled the premium on my Mercedes-Benz policy renewal. Clearly, they did not need my business, so I called King Price and spoke to one of their friendly countesses, who promptly shaved 60% off my monthly premium payments – that’s a saving of 18,600 over the year! And, because I’d called near month end, she covered my vehicle immediately and even waived the pro-rata premium for the remaining 7 days of that month.

The $1 (NAD) Premium

But that’s not all folks! When you comprehensively insure your car with King Price Insurance Namibia, you also get an opportunity to insure the smaller, but expensive to replace, items that are often left in, or attached to, your car. Items like your bicycle, golf clubs or hunting rifles can be added to your policy at just $1 (NAD) monthly per item!

Wait – there’s more!

If you’re based in Namibia, King Price has a royal deal for you sand lubbers! I’d be stealing their thunder if I told you what the deal is so you’ll have to check it out yourself at

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