Long Haul Flight? Here’s How To Enjoy It

Travelling is amazing – there is so much to do and so much to learn. You’ll find inspiring new places and people, and you’ll discover new ways to look at your life. Even if nothing really changes, you’ll still have the most incredible time.

The problem can come not with the destination but in getting there. Sometimes it’s necessary to go on long haul flights to reach the most exotic and fun-filled places, and those flights can be terribly boring. Here are some great ways to ensure you have a good time, even if you are on a plane for many hours.

Catch Up On Boxsets

There are so many different TV channels and new shows coming out all the time, and it’s likely you will have been recommended lots of them by friends and family. Yet with our busy lives and only so many hours in each day, there never seems to be enough time to actually watch any of them. On a long-haul flight, you finally can.

Download the first episode of the shows you really want to watch to a laptop or mobile device. That way, you can get a great taster of everything available, and make a decision as to what you want to see more of.

Plus, don’t forget the movies! There are lots of new movies coming out too, some of which are made to go straight to streaming sites such as Netflix, so you won’t get to see them if you’re not looking out for them. On a long-haul flight, you can finally catch up and see what all the fuss was about when it comes to popular movies.

Go Online

If the plane you are travelling on has Wi-Fi, you can do even more. We use the internet for a lot, every day, and until you’re without it, you might not realize just how much you rely on it. ZME Science suggests that too much internet can be harmful, but you can still use it when you’re on a long haul flight, and it definitely makes sense to; it will keep you occupied potentially for many hours (although taking a portable battery or additional charger will ensure you get the maximum amount of time you can online).

Amongst the many ways you can spend time online during a long haul flight you could:

  • Post on social media and catch up with friends
  • Research your destination using Lonely Planet
  • Play online games at Unibet
  • Blog about your adventures
  • Do some online shopping
  • Answer emails that have been needing your attention.

Explore New Music

Music has a way of calming us down according to Psych Central, so it’s ideal if you get bored on long flights, or if you’re a nervous flyer. You can close your eyes and listen to some soothing favourite tunes.

Or, even better, explore some new music that you might not otherwise have listened to. In the past, there were relatively few musicians to whom people had access, but in today’s world, there are so many that you can listen to. Try a different genre or style of music, or listen to music from other countries. Try something new and you might find you absolutely love what you’re listening to.

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