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From Para to Dakar

This incredible story of how endurance motor cyclist Joey Evans overcame partial paralysis to enter the 2017 Dakar Rally is relevant to World Tourism Day on 27 September. But Joey needs your help to realise his dream – read on:

“My legs just dropped to the floor like two pieces of dead meat. I whispered to the paramedic, not wanting my wife who was near me to hear, that I could not feel my legs. She heard and suddenly we all realized that this was serious. To top it off I thought my mouth was full of dirt and stones and I was spitting it out. It turned out to be my teeth.”
South African, Joey Evans account of his accident.  (Read his story on

October the 13th 2007 will be indelibly etched in the memories of Joey and his family as the start of a nightmare of mental and physical anguish.

Now, standing on the threshold of accomplishing a lifelong dream this humble, unassuming and courageous man is an inspiration to each and every one of us. God knows we need to be inspired by a story like Joey’s. We live in a world dominated by bad news and littered with shattered dreams. And then, every once in a while along comes a “Joey Evans”. Someone who dares to dream. Someone who rises above the odds. Someone who epitomizes the indomitable human spirit. Someone who gives us hope. Someone who suggests that we too can overcome our challenges and that there is indeed a silver lining to even the darkest cloud.

Be part of this story

The fact is, Joey will line up at the start of the 2017 Dakar Rally − the toughest off road race in the world. He has qualified. He has paid his entry. He has bought his KTM 450 Rally bike. The cost to compete at Dakar is staggering. When the dust settles, Joey will have incurred over a million rand of costs. Unless of course this story goes viral and every one of us commits to be part of this dream.

It would be great if a corporate sponsor buys into this incredible story. If a film company buys the rights to “The Joey Evans story”, this would eradicate the financial millstone around Joey’s neck.

However, just imagine if worldwide, people like you and me just give a little. After all, 10,000 people contributing R100 ($8 USD) will raise 1 Million rand.

Support Joey, but also support our right to dream. To overcome. To be part of something greater than ourselves. To have our names on Joeys bike as it rolls to the start line.

Tourism Tattler wants to be, together with Joeys amazing wife Meredith and his girls Kayla, Jenna, Tyra and Shawna, part of the Joey Evans family. In a small way we want to support a brave man and a brave family who have reminded us that it is good to live and to love and to dream and to do. No matter what the odds. Joey, we will be with you at the start, and, God willing, we will be with you at the finish.

Note: Everyone who makes a contribution to Joeys Dakar fund will have their name on the bodywork of his KTM 450 Rally bike. Joey will keep us all updated with on-going supporters newsletters. Excess funding will go to supporting victims of spinal trauma.

Be Part of the Journey! Click HERE to make a donation.

Or get in touch with Joey at:
E-mail: [email protected]
Tel: +27 (0)83 456 1122
Hashtag: #letsgetjoeytodakar #fromparatodakar

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