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Planning Knowledge Bubble for SA Travel Trade

The MICE Academy is inviting the southern Africa travel trade to participate in a knowledge bubble session on Wednesday 29 March 2017 that will focus on the particular planning tasks of the travel company.

“As an add-on to their client’s travel requirements, the travel industry is becoming more involved within the MICE component,” says Helen Brewer of The MICE Academy. The core competency of the travel trade is to undertake the travel, accommodation and ground arrangements on behalf of their clients. Non-core tasks of the travel trade can be less than effective in relation to the actual planning, administration and communication of the client’s event requirements.”

Brewer explains that with the registration of participants onto an event, there is more than one client of the travel company.  The foremost client is the company representative who requires their travel partners to undertake the planning of the event, while the second ‘client’ is the actual event participants.

Ensuring effective planning of the client’s event component has a range of benefits which hold the travel company in good stead.  Benefits such as positive reputation, more satisfied clients, and most important of all, the greater possibility for increased event arranging and therefore the travel and accommodation requirements.

“Event planning needs to be thoroughly understood in a step-by-step process. By participating in this travel knowledge bubble, a travel company’s abilities will be increased by understanding and implementing the many pointers put forward.

“The result of participating in the travel trade knowledge bubble taking place in mid-March is to ensure that the non-core planning components are understood and implemented where appropriate.

“The opportunity to add real value and increase the bottom-line could prove significant,” Brewer concludes.

All knowledge bubble sessions have clear objectives and outcomes to ensure that participants are provided with exceptionally high ‘take-away’ benefits.

Full details and registration requirements can be found at

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