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Rhino Are In Trouble

The above rhino was sketched by Dereck Joubert in a matter of seconds from memory. In a decade’s time will rhinos be so easy to draw from memory as they fade into extinction?

Great Plains Conservation would like to hear your thoughts on how they can raise money to save this iconic species.

Great Plains Conservation in partnership with andBeyond will be translocating 100 white and black rhino from South Africa to Botswana in 2015, but they need your help!

They will be releasing special rhino packages at the Great Plains Selinda camps in Botswana, but would like to consider other fundraising ideas, from charitable booking fees to major donation ideas to help raise the US$8 million needed for the translocation and protection of this beautiful species.

Please join the discussion @ZerosForRhinos or share your ideas in the comment field beneath this article.

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