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Saint Ange on Seychelles Tourism Report #17

My quote for this week is repeated often by many serious leaders:- “The best way to succeed in life is to act on the advice we give to others.” I’ve no idea who first echoed these wise words, but suffice to say, that talking about great principles and morale is easy. BUT it is more important to be seen to be doing what one preaches. This is always important, both morally and ethically.

From this derives the saying “Do what you say”, and not the derogatory one of “Do what I tell you to do and not what I do”.

In Seychelles, some say that all is well when the people, the workers of the islands, are speaking up openly about today’s cost of living. “Nothing for the people” in all that is happening, is a statement heard everyday and everywhere.

Yield from the tourism industry is again on the table. “High-end tourists who spend more” is once again the call. Sharing with the Tourism Board the address of that magical shopping centre where one can pick up these tourists “off the shelf” would be a start, but as the new Seychelles pushes down this path we see a subsidiary of Air France confirming its arrival with direct flights from Paris.

JOON of Air France are not high-end and they will be competing directly with the existing Air Seychelles non-stop direct flights to Paris. This discussion is on the table even though everyone knows that the country’s yield from tourism is not a matter the State has any control over.

Applicable Room Rates by Hotels remains a private sector decision and they charge what they feel is possible and what holidaymakers are comfortable with. An empty bed will never be sold after the day is gone, thus the constant drop in rates when Seychelles is not enjoying a very high occupancy level in its hotels. Now we are hearing that some in Seychelles are calling for higher-end tourists who will spend more and also that Seychelles needs fewer tourists. I am unsure who will be sitting in the economy section of all the planes flying to the islands if and when Seychelles pitches itself as a high-end destination ONLY. Talk this week has echoed dismay by worried small Seychellois hoteliers who see the discussions as pushing for the demise of all the small ‘homegrown establishments’. Taxis are also set to be hit by this new call for high-end tourists only and a drop in visitor arrival numbers. Taxis will be compelled to fight for Seychellois transfers only because the high-end tourists use private limo-transfers or helicopters. Seychellois need to watch out because they can be, and probably will be, bystanders in their tourism industry.

One positive sign is that British Tour Operators are reacting positively to the announcement by British Airways. Many are flying to Seychelles to re-look at hotels they are programming and getting ready for BA’s return. They are enthusiastic but have also spoken about the current state of insecurity. The case of Margaret Devlin on Praslin is today being spoken about. This UK couple has personally written to the Saint Ange Tourism Report and we are addressing the incident on this issue.

Until next time, I bid you Bon Voyage.

Alain St.Ange
[email protected]

Saint Ange

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