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Samoa; A destination perfect for a South Pacific island getaway

Samoa provides totally everything that a romantic vacation requires. Samoa is at the top when it comes to beach vacation ideas, luxury resorts and island. Samoa offers plenty sand and sun but it is more than this. But what exactly does Samoa; A destination perfect for a Pacific Island Getaway offer for the visitors?

First and foremost, one of the most distinguished aspects of Samoa is that it has a friendly and welcoming environment, comfortable attitude and slow rhythm of life. Once you have arrived at the shores of this island, you will not find anything to worry about.

Fa’a Samoa which is commonly known as the Samoan way’ is particularly unique- and totally refreshing- way of life in this island, which dates back approximately 3000 years. It mainly focuses on the family life, love and respect for couples, community and the surrounding. This is a perfect destination for a romantic getaway for couples and families.

Another great thing is the clear ocean waters, which offers a friendly marine life. There are bright hued tropical fish which swim beside you. On the other hand, there are many activities you can involve while on the land. You can take a walk through the rainforest, trip upon magical waterfalls, climb imposing volcanoes or walk along enormous stretches of unharmed beach.

Also, courageous visitors can get their fill of exciting activities. You can get inside the water by various means such as using a jet ski or by diving and more. You will see the ocean and its amazing creatures. You can see giant see turtles and amazing kinds of fish.

You can also hire some bikes and cycle through the island. This is a very enjoyable way of getting outdoors, doing unique things and making memories with your families and lovers. You can say hi and smile to the locals you pass or even stopping for some few minutes for a chat. Typically, the people you bump into are extremely welcoming and eager to share their culture and conversely learn about yours too.

In Samoa, there is great accommodation which cannot disappoint you. In the resorts present, you will truly have a special experience. For example, there is Aggie Grey’s Lagoon Resort and Spa which is located in the island of Savii, sheltered on stunning gardens and verdant palm trees. This is not only a great place for staying but it also a perfect place for dining. You will enjoy luscious and delicious tropical fruits and thrilling local dishes.

The resorts here have luxurious rooms and facilities. You can look through the window at the nearby island, lagoon waters and the lush green golf course. You will enjoy local culture full of architectures which have been made by the local people like wood carvings and high-beam ceilings.

In this place, you are able to fully indulge yourself. You can go to Mania Polynesian Spa resort for a special experience and complete ecstasy. Ancient Samoan and Polynesian Spa have been created for very many years, fostering your body, mind and soul, so there is no reason for not experiencing this. There are very many relaxing and reviving experiences offered here such as herbal steam baths, cucumber wraps, massages and facial treatments.


It is noticeable that Samoa is a destination perfect for a luxurious South Pacific island getaway. Therefore; prior to planning your holiday, make sure that you acquire a Sri Lanka Visa and from there you can plan on all the activities that you will involve in. Generally, determine the best place you will visit and consider your entire budget including accommodation.

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