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Seychelles Reflects on Sainthood of Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa, the nun whose work with the dying and destitute of Kolkata made her a global icon of Christian charity, was made a saint on Sunday 04 September 2016 – Read more at:


The Republic of Seychelles was honoured to be visited by Mother Teresa in 1984, one year after the establishment of the Missionaries of Charity in Seychelles (July 10 1983).

This Missionary is located at Anse Etoile on the main island of Mahe. The home was started by Mother Teresa in 1983 and is currently giving care to some 13 elderly women residents and 18 children in the day care section on a charitable basis.

“Today we are happy to see that the same Mother Teresa who set foot on our mid-ocean islands of the Seychelles is a Saint.

“As a country we remain the melting-pot of cultures where immaterial of the colour of the skin, religious beliefs and political affiliation we remain one people living in our one Seychelles.

“As a people we implore on Mother Teresa the Saint to continue to shower her blessings on our country to help us safeguard our unique one people culture,”  said Alain St.Ange, the Minister of Tourism and Culture of the Republic of Seychelles, as he answered questions from International Press on Mother Teresa and her visit to Seychelles.

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