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Trade in Rhino Horn Debate

The August 2014 edition of the Tourism Tattler magazine features 5 pages of in-depth articles on the rising debate in South Africa over the trade in rhino horn and how best to conserve the species from extinction. To read these ...

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Plan B for Rhino Conservation

The tragedy of the horn debate is that South Africa’s highly respected rhino custodians (park authorities, field rangers, anti-poaching, monitoring teams) and even politicians have embraced a failed, pro-trade economic model as the answer to the rhino crisis. By Colin ...

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Say No to Trade in Rhino Horn

The highly questionable motive to reinstate a legalised trade in rhino horn, as is currently being purported by numerous “conservationists” and businessmen in South Africa, is squaring the South African Government up for a nasty and unnecessary fight, especially in ...

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Can we afford to experiment with rhinos?

The recent announcement by the South African Minster of Environment, expressing the South African Government’s endorsement of a proposal to sell rhino horn, is disconcerting, albeit not surprising. By Jason Bell. The government’s international lobby started at the 16th meeting ...

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