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10 Tips on Selecting Tour Operator Software

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For Tour Operators, it always comes down to cost; but investing in tools that will improve productivity, manage workflow, reduce errors and give your travellers a professional look and feel are an absolute must. By Linday de Heer. Embrace the ...

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10 Tips on Tour Quoting

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It’s no longer acceptable for tour package quotations to take hours or days to compile. It’s time for tour operators to automate their business processes in order to survive in this technology driven era of tourism. By Linday de Heer. ...

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10 Tips for Change

In this first part of an ongoing series of articles on office automation for Tour Operators, Linday de Heer provides useful advice and tips to help find your way when changing office procedures. “Change is the heartbeat of Growth” (Scottie ...

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How to Streamline your Tour Operator Business

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Surprisingly, there are still tour operators who rely on manual (spreadsheet and other) solutions to run their businesses, which invariably leads to costly errors, resource wastage and loss of business due to the slow turnaround time in getting quotes to ...

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How to Keep Tour Itineraries Current

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For most tour operators and travel agents, checking inventory rates and booking availability for their clients’ itineraries is a time consuming and frustrating task. But it doesn’t need to be – there are online solutions to integrate the process. By ...

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