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Consumer Goods & Services Ombudsman – Part 1

IMPLICATIONS FOR THE TOURISM INDUSTRY: Who or what is the Consumer Goods & ServicesOmbudsman (‘CGSO’), what are the implications, and what must the tourism industry do? The office of the Consumer Goods & Services Ombudsman (‘CGSO’) was established (early 2015) in ...

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Tourism Insurance – Part 6

Bandaged couple on a bench

Summary: Part 1 in this series covered an introduction to insurance, an outline on the EC Directive, the basics of risk management, and financial guarantees. Parts 2 and 3 looked at liability insurance, Part 4 continued the subject of liability ...

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PART 2 – People

In Part 1 (page 36 – August issue), I labeled risk into five categories, namely; 1. PEOPLE, 2. MONEY, 3. LAW, 4. SERVICE and 5. ECOLOGY. I will be dealing with the risk profile of each, i.e. broadly speaking the ...

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