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SUBIOS, Seychelles is Just around the Corner

Summary 1:

If you are a marine life and water sport lover then SUBIOS, Seychelles is an excellent festival for you. SUBIOS – Seychelles’ Festival of the Sea is a celebration of Seychelles’ extraordinary marine heritage and the many ways that locals and visitors alike interact with the ocean that surrounds them. The festival takes place from 22-24 November 2014.

This festival brings together excellent swimming, diving and boating competitions along with others like photography and video making competitions. By attending this festival not only can you meet people from around the globe but you will also be able to see the breathtaking scenic beauty of the place.


If you are a water sport and beach lover then this is the ideal time of the year to plan and spend a fantastic holiday in one of the most exotic places in this world. Your destination is none other than the beautiful and terrific Seychelles. Seychelles is rich with exceptional scenic beauty and marine life. The views are exotic both above and beneath the sea and to discover this natural treasure the festival of SUBIOS is being arranged in this divine land which brings together locals and visitors alike so that they can enjoy exciting water sports and spend a very relaxing vacation in the awe inspiring surroundings of Seychelles.

SUBIOS festival aims to provide a complete and thorough vacationing experience to all its visitors and so it is arranging a vast array of activities. The organizers are making sure that no one who will be attending the festival is bored for a second by providing activities which will suit taste and needs of everyone.

There is photography and video making competition which will be having many themes and the participants will be required to follow the themes to win the competition. The themes mainly include ideas about capturing the scenic beauty of the area. By participating in these activities not only can you enjoy the competition but at the same time you will be able to thoroughly see the place around in good detail.

Other exciting activities include diving in Seychelles. Explore the gorgeous waters of this stunning place by diving to the base of the sea where you can find breathtakingly beautiful marine life and marine plants. The experience will be out of this world. The moments of serenity that you can acquire by exploring the tranquil waters are unparalleled. Even if you are new to diving there will be many instructors who can guide and train you to make this experience amazing and totally safe for you.

Attending this festival will not only allow you to see Seychelles in complete detail but it will also allow you to meet people from around the globe who fly there to attend this national level festival. The vibrant festival will refresh you inside out and will add bright new colors to your vacation. SUBIOS is truly the best time to enjoy this wonderful place and so you really should not miss this exceptional opportunity. Book your cheap flights to Seychelles now and enjoy a vacation of a lifetime.

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