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Tourists for Africa: Why Switzerland is the Best Market

The Swiss International Holiday Exhibition 2017 will be taking place in Lugano, Switzerland from 27-29 October. Here are 10 reasons why Switzerland is the best tourism market to attend for luring inbound tourists to Africa.

  1. Seasoned Travellers. Ranked among the best in the world for efficiency and quality, Zurich Airport transports millions of travelers to all the main international destinations every year.
  2. Stable Economy. Switzerland has the highest pro capita income in the world, the lowest public debt and the third highest GDP of the world. The
  3. Stable Currency. The Swiss Franc is the most stable currency in the world.
  4. Happy People. Swiss are the third happiest people in the world and second in Europe.
  5. Swiss People Travel. Over 87,5% of Swiss people do on average 3 overnight travel stays per capita, per year and 3.6 for people between 25 and 44 years of age .
  6. Swiss Have More Holidays. Switzerland is the country with more days off and this permits them to travel in every period of the year.
  7. Swiss People Spend. Considering about 22.2 million overnight travels per year, about 13.5 million are abroad and spend in excess of 14.4 billion Euro.
  8. Globe Trotters. On average, every year, Swiss go on holiday at least twice for two weeks and, again, twice for one week.
  9. Multilingual. Swiss are polyglot. On average, they speak at least two languages such as German, Italian, French, and English.
  10. Ideal Tourist. Swiss inform themselves and look for personalized solutions : 61% choose tailored travel itineraries.

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