Vulture Saving Initiative Takes Flight

VulPro is proud to announce the launch of a funding partnership with UK based The Hawking Centre, writes Kerri Wolter.

Support for VulPro’s work is hugely needed and much appreciated. The Hawking Centre’s belief in our mission means the world to us.

VulPro’s mission is to advance knowledge, awareness and innovation in the conservation of wild African vulture populations for the benefit and well-being of society, and the charity is already involved in extremely valuable work in the fight to protect these incredible species.

VulPro is in fact working tirelessly to advance the conservation of South Africa’s vultures, with a number of initiatives including adult and children education seminars and clubs, the captive breeding and release of vultures, rehabilitation, tracking and monitoring numbers of vultures in the wild as well as gathering vital information regarding the lesser known species such as the tree nesting vultures.

“The situation is approaching critical for SA vultures,” says Jo Holmes of The Hawking Centre. “To date, the IUCN red list has listed the White Backed Vulture, Hooded Vulture and Rupell’s Griffon Vulture as critically endangered, and the Cape Vulture, Lappet-Faced Vulture and White-Headed Vulture are listed as endangered. Action must be taken now to try and stop the overall decline in vulture populations, before it is too late; and this is why we have made our commitment to VulPro.”

The Hawking Centre has pledged to support VulPro in both practical and financial ways. In addition to pledging regular funding through the company, our visitors will be made aware of the need for vulture conservation, and any donations made by visitors wishing to support VulPro will be passed on to the charity, free of any administration costs, and will attract a further pledge commitment from The Hawking Centre. Every client we welcome for their flying experience can have the satisfaction of knowing that their visit has had a direct effect on saving vulture populations in the wild.

In addition to funding, The Hawking Centre has pledged to help VulPro in practical ways, including funding the field visits of their employees to assist in hands-on vulture conservation, getting involved with programmes such as field monitoring and captive breeding initiatives, during annual one month field trips to Pretoria in South Africa.

Keep in touch with The Hawking Centre on facebook, twitter and through their blog to stay up to date with developments and progress made in vulture conservation.

Read more about VulPro and the amazing work they do at, or visit


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