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What is a whiplash compensation calculator and where can I find one?

Often, when someone has been the blameless victim of an accident, and they are considering making a personal injury compensation claim, they would like to know how much they could expect to be awarded. This is the information they are hoping a whiplash compensation calculator will be able to provide.

What is a whiplash compensation calculator?

A whiplash compensation calculator is a tool on the websites of personal injury claim companies that will give you an estimate amount that you can expect to receive in compensation for your injuries. You need to remember though, it is just an estimate and no one will guarantee a figure. Every accident, every injury and every person’s circumstances are unique, but these all affect the final settlement figure.

Having checked out nearly 20 sites, the amounts that are suggested started at £875 and rose to £98,000 – an awful lot of difference. So are you any better off even asking the question with such a variance? You are if you use a whiplash compensation calculator that is primed to give reasonable estimates, based on amounts awarded through the courts previously, not one that just shows a huge amount hoping you will think they will win you more money because their whiplash compensation calculator shows a higher amount.

It is much better for your actual award to be near or more than the amount you have been told, rather than to have a huge disappointment because it is a lot less. If you cannot trust the site to be reasonable in their compensation estimates, is it worth trusting the company to be reasonable and fair in all their other dealings regarding your personal injury compensation claim?

Where a whiplash compensation calculator can be found

You will find a whiplash compensation calculator on the websites of most personal injury claim companies. Some are easier to use than others, such as the one on the Accident Advice Helpline which asks you for some basic information regarding the accident and injury, and then almost instantly, gives you an indication of the amount you can expect. This will be an amount based on their many years of experience in dealing with whiplash injury claims, not a figure that just looks pretty.

There is another type of calculator, one that assumes you have some understanding of the seriousness of your injuries. There is usually a picture of a person or skeleton, and the idea is that you click on the part of your body that has been injured to get your estimate. This usually then produces a table of results which shows differing amounts depending on the severity of your injury. That’s, fine, except the victims perception of the seriousness of the injuries differ, so the amounts they think they will get stand a good chance of differing as well.

The secret

Look at as many whiplash compensation calculators as you want. The secret is in finding a good law firm to deal with your claim, someone who no matter what the whiplash compensation calculators say, will work to get the best deal possible for your injuries.

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