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World Sleep Day: Wellness begins when your head hits the pillow

Did you know that just one night of poor sleep can negatively impact on your attention span, memory recall and learning ability? This can be the difference between closing a deal and going home empty-handed.

But the stark reality is that the majority of business travellers clock too little sleep during business trips. During a research survey carried out by an independent research company on behalf of The Westin Cape Town hotel, it was confirmed that although most travellers believed their health was not impacted by their business trips, the opposite is true

Of the respondents, the overwhelming majority (82%) were sleeping for less than six hours, with 62% reporting that they slept less on business trips than when at home.

In the same survey, only 32% of respondents believed their health was impacted by business travel, while 52% did not believe business travel impacted on their health and 17% were unsure.

This can have significant implications for both your business dealings and your overall health. The World Sleep Society has found that there is a direct correlation between your quality of sleep and your overall well-being and that extended periods of poor sleep can have a serious impact on your mental capacity: Two weeks of only six hours of sleep can equal the same decreased attention as two nights of total sleep deprivation.

Dr Liborio Parrino, Chair of the World Sleep Day Committee, says better quality sleep also reduces the risk of labour-related and road accidents, promotes the secretion of melatonin and protects the natural circadian clock, which can prevent premature ageing in humans.

“Extending our sleep period also improves our mental and body performances during the day and, last but not least, enhances our dreaming experience, as REM stages are mostly concentrated in the final portion of sleep, which is often curtailed by the urging rules of modern life.”

Due to the importance of sleep in one’s wellbeing, the property is a partner in celebrating World Sleep Day.  World Sleep Day, organized by the World Sleep Society, is an annual call to action on important issues related to sleep, including education.

World Sleep Day takes place on Friday 13 March 2020.

Model: Aisha Baker
Model: Aisha Baker

“More than half of local travellers believe business trips do not impact on their health. However, statistics tell a different story: Most business travellers skip exercising, sleep far less and forgo healthy eating which impacts health and increases stress levels,” says Leon Meyer, General Manager at The Westin Cape Town.

“World Sleep Day seeks to educate the public on what we at the hotel already know: Sleep is vital to one’s wellbeing. Our offerings are designed around a good night’s sleep, from our signature Heavenly beds and pillows to our white tea amenities and curated in-room dining menu offerings. A restful night not only improves business productivity but also leads to better health and overall happiness.”

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