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Business can increase with feature-rich applications that drive interest and engagement, writes Grant Theis of

Today we live in an era of engagement and as customers look to immerse themselves in brands and businesses, feature-rich applications that provide content and engagement on the go and in the form that consumers want, have never been as important as they are today. And this is especially true for the retail and tourism industries.

In fact, applications have become as pervasive as the connectivity on which they depend and while they have become disruptive in the consumer space, as connectivity and capacity increases, the realisation that the enterprise space – such as retailers, hospitality and even big attraction venues – could use such applications to offer additional value-add to both their process and their customers, is quickly coming to the fore. Consider such applications being used in core functions such as HR for increased workforce management, finance for streamlined billing services, operations or customer contact areas for increased collaboration and even areas such as marketing for enhanced customer relations.

Through advanced image recognition, augmented reality and proximity marketing through iBeacons – brands and places can come alive. What’s more, merchants, hospitality chains and retailers are able to run unified marketing programs across multiple franchise locations, and, for the first time, unlock real-time attribution data, while simultaneously being able to self provide in-store vouchers, offers and loyalty programmes through such platforms – which means they are not only able to attract customers and tourists, but engage with them as well.

Today it is essential that consumers can engage with a business or brand on all mobile devices – and applications are the perfect platform to do so. What’s more, once the business is out ‘advertising’ itself on such platforms, it also has a positive response from consumers who can now find information about places around them including the likes of restaurants, pubs, shopping, petrol stations, car rental, dentist, etc. By using location-based technology, the contact details for these places and built-in maps to provide directions. When travelling, this is especially useful!

Technology is being used across the tourism industry to attract and engage with customers. And customers are demanding relevant information and ease of access to these businesses. When the two come together in a convenient feature-rich platform – they create a viable business eco-system.

About the author: Grant Theis is a co-founder of ttrumpet – an app for free calls and messaging worldwide, for vouchers, information, reviews, pricing and augmented reality. For more information visit

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