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United Against Trophy Hunting


Posted on Facebook March 22 at 4:00am:
This is John Edward, a well known psychic….he believes that the cub-petting park he visited is ethical; however, it was the same park from whence this now infamous pic was taken. The photo of a lion being dragged by his hind legs. Mr. Edward has stated that research was done prior to the trip to make sure that these parks are ethical. We don’t doubt that – they hide it very well. Please share this far and wide – CUB PETTING FEEDS THE CANNED HUNTING INDUSTRY…….TOURISTS BEWARE!!!

Comment: March 22 at 8:48am
Name and shame all who visit and support cub petting! This place must be closed down!!! I will personally fund the care of the lions there and try to relocate them to ethical sanctuaries. Who is with me on this? Also, John Edward is now persona non grata to me and banned in my home, and I will not ever again attend his shows. I have been before, and due to the Lion March I didn’t go on the 15th. How fortuitous for me!!! Mel Chiert

Comment: March 22 at 5:37pm
I don’t believe that a name and shame is the goal. Most do not realise the link between canned hunting and cub petting. I don’t believe Mr Edwards did. Most of these facilities would never publicly state that their main purpose is to breed canned lions. The rule of thumb – if they offer cub petting, avoid at all costs. Awareness is the key….. Angela Helgesen

Comment: March 22 at 2:31pm
Mel as you have been to John Edwards shows, do try to go one more time, I know it will not be easy, to see if you can speak to him one on one and tell him exactly what happens to the cubs from the time they are pulled from their mothers at a few days old to the time they are killed for the pleasure of humans. You might be the only one on this board who has been to his shows and you might be able to get to him to tell him the whole truth of the horrors of canned hunting. Penny Thorn

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