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Rhino poaching – to Breed, to Dehorn or to Poison?

I have spent many moons applying my mind as an anthropologist and conservationist to this (rhino horn) debate. Furthermore, the Pro-trade fraternity is very well organised and have presented many well-researched and convincing arguments to support their stance. We at Transfrontier Africa have sat back and evaluated every article and motivation from this arena. Herewith my opinion:

We are talking about a typical supply-and-demand scenario when discussing trading in rhino horn. There are a few facts that must be borne in mind:

1. We already trade in rhino horn (albeit illegal and via poaching) – as much as five per day.

2. New end-user markets have developed – thereby increasing the demand on a daily basis.

3. This is not just about CTM (Chinese Traditional Medicine) as was originally thought. it has become a status symbol in Vietnam and China to have an ornamental horn on display.

4. Experiments in 1994 to introduce the Saiga Antelope horn as an alternative to rhino horn and accepted by the CTM Council. The species was reported to number almost 2.5 million. In the ensuing years, that population dwindled by 95% due to hunting pressure for their horns. Do we have that quantity of rhino?

5. From the above example, the market is not only vastly bigger than the early 1990’s, but new end-users have begun to develop, making the sustainable use of rhino horn an impossibility.

(Note: To read all 14 points made by Craig in this comment, click HERE and scroll to the bottom of the article – Editor).

It is therefore our opinion (mine and that of Transfrontier Africa) that the trade in rhino horn is both unethical (from a social and economic perspective) and unjustifiable. As conservationists, we must be cognisant of the flaws in the structure of our society as well as that of our government.

Craig Spencer – BWANA



Gautengs Winter Wine Fest gears up for July

Your on line magazine is fantastic, informative and so interesting. Thank you so much, I can’t wait to plan my next trip.




A Rhino Knights Tale

Dear Lloyd & Isabel. Your Rhino Knights and Earth Awareness campaigns are truly inspiring! I would love to make a donation but I can’t do that by text message. Can I make a contribution on your website or using paypal? Please let me know the best way.

Peace, happiness and good fortune be with you for your epic journey and always!

Nick Bodie

(Note: Donations by various methods in support of the Rhino Knights campaign can be made at www.earthawareness.co.za – Editor).


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