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Launched by the World Food Travel Association (WFTA), the ‘Eat Well, Travel Better: The Business of Food Travel’ is a series of Podcasts presented by Erik Wolf and Aashi Vel.

The podcasts aim to help you become a better industry professional by gaining inspiration from some of the world’s most successful people in the food and beverage tourism industry.

With each episode, you’ll meet these leaders and discover their secrets of success, as each reveals the obstacles and challenges they have faced, along with their solutions and triumphs, and you’ll take away ideas and inspiration to solve many of the same business issues that you may be facing as well.

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Do you want to appear on an Episode?

If you work in the food, beverage, travel, or hospitality industry, and have a remarkable story to share, then WFTA want to hear from you.

Perhaps you have overcome a serious work or personal challenge or you achieved something tremendous? Email details about yourself, your professional background and your life challenge or major accomplishment, and a statement as to why you think your story would inspire professionals in food and beverage tourism to [email protected]

The only requirements are that you have a fast enough broadband connection, a quality microphone, and a quiet place for the interview. The show is a podcast, so video is not required. You can count on spending 15-30 minutes before the interview to prepare your remarks. The interview itself will last less than 60 minutes. Superfluous information, erroneous comments and general chit-chat will be edited out before publishing, to end up with an episode of approximately 40-45 minutes.

Episode 1: Ari Weinzweig – Sweat the Details

Ari Weinzweig is Co-Founder of the Zingerman’s family of companies, which include a delicatessen, bakery, catering operation, family restaurant, Korean restaurant, creamery, coffee store, candy store and a professional hospitality training arm. Ari had no idea the company would grow so large when the original deli opened back in 1982. Now, 35 years later, the Zingerman’s companies are a true visitor destination in Central Michigan (USA). Ari talks about how everything got started, his vision, and why sweating the details is important. Check out Ari’s books mentioned in the podcast.

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