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Camaraderie in Race for UNWTO Top Post

A wonderful demonstration of ethics and values was evident at the launch of the campaign hosted by the Brazilian Ambassador in Spain for the upcoming elections for the post of Secretary-General for the UNWTO by Marcio Favilla at the Brazil House in Madrid in the presence of the Brazilian Minister of Tourism.
Last night at the Brazilian Embassy in Madrid, Marcio Favilla, Executive Director of the UNWTO, launched his candidacy to become UNWTO´s Secretary-General and Alain St.Ange from the Seychelles was the only other candidate who accepted the Brazilian candidate´s invitation to attend. There are now 6 candidates vying to succeed Taleb Rifai.
When asked to comment on his presence, Alain St Ange simply stated:  “We are one Tourism family. “I have competitors in this election and they are and will remain my friends and I will continue to work with all of them afterward. I will, therefore, attend all the launches to which I am invited.”
Other attendees included the Tourism Minister of Congo Brazzaville, who thus demonstrated her open-mindedness about what promises to be a hard-fought election.
Header image caption: Brazilian Minister of Tourism and two of the Candidates for the UNWTO – Alain St Ange from Seychelles and Marcio Favilla from Brazil.

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