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Col’Cacchio pizzeria’s New Breakfast Menu

Cold pizza is great for breakfast.
Unless you can have soldiers, flapjacks and poached eggs!

Breakfast is now the most important meal of the day at select Col’Cacchio pizzerias. Until lunchtime and then dinner, that is.

Say good morning to our brand-new breakfast menu full of classics, like poached eggs, oats and fluffy flapjacks, health sensations, like open egg white omelettes or fresh seasonal fruit with yoghurt, and even unique Italian treats like the ultra-creative breakfast pizzas. Definitely worth getting out of bed for…no snooze button required!

Since 1992 Col’Cacchio pizzeria has been serving up Italian inspired food with flair. Famous (we like to think) for our thin-based pizzas, hearty pastas and uniquely delicious salads, we’re now taking breakfast to a whole new creative culinary level.

As always, it’s about using the freshest ingredients to create the most flavourful textures and tastes. Col’Cacchio pizzeria is now a powerful three-meal drive. Come in for breakfast, lunch, dinner…or all of the above.

Where can you get your fix?

The new breakfast menu will be exclusive to select stores and served until 11am. It’s available at Cape Town’s Mio Col’Cacchio Belvedere in Claremont, Durban Gateway and Pretoria’s Brooklyn and Lynnwood stores. It will also be launching in Canal Walk, Century City, Cape Town in mid October.

Visit for more details.
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