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Conference on Conferencing & Events

A brand new conference is being launched for the South African Events Industry that aims to address the numerous and serious risks involved in Conferencing and Events Management from the perspective of the events manager.

Aptly titled Eventually™ the conference is aimed at top-level events industry players, events industry-related business owners and senior corporate event planners.

The first Eventually™ conference will be held on 14th and 15th September at BON Hotel Riviera on Vaal luxury hotel resort accommodation on the Vaal River, located 45 minutes from Johannesburg. Registration opens on 1 July 2015.

The Eventually™ Conference has been launched by Advocate Louis Nel, Corporate Legal Facilitator (B.Comm, LL.B. LL.M.) and Mandy Elliott, owner of events management company MMSI, to address a host of important topics, such as Risk Identification, Management and the CPA, Greening your Event, Fraud, The pitfalls of Audio Visual Services, and Social Media trends, to name a few. Industry stalwart, Helen Brewer is just one of the key note speakers, an expert in her own right, along with Errol Ninow of GLA, a Specialist Compliance & Risk Consultant and Andre du Toit of SATIB Insurance Brokers, among others.

“I’ve been going to travel & tourism related conferences for 33 years and I have often felt that the ‘take- away’ value as opposed to the ‘feel good’ value was out of kilter”, says Nel. “I thus decided to present a conference that not only provides such ‘take away’ value but in addition addresses the entire spectrum of parties involved in conferencing as well as the entire process from build up to break down.”

After 15 years with Rennies, Advocate Louis Nel set up his own consultancy in 1997 focusing on travel & tourism as well as the Small, Micro & Medium Enterprise (’SMME’) market.

“In terms of topic content, each speaker will deal with all the issues germane to his/her area of expertise following what I call the ‘Critical Transactional Path’ (‘CTP’) of an event i.e. organizing & build up – the actual event – afterwards, and all the issues that may arise,” says Nel.

By way of example, Nel cites the brief to the speaker on insurance:
• Ensure that you (Expectations) & your broker (Deliverables) are on the same page AND that he understands your business;
• The dangers of inadequate, inaccurate & over-insurance or for that matter NO insurance at all – including the (often) thinking that ‘You are OK as the supplier & venue has insurance’;
• Ways of possible premium reductions via e.g. higher excess based on your record;
• Indemnities;
• Types of insurance cover;
• The three phases i.e. (1) build up phase i.e. preparation for the event, (2) during the event & (3) afterwards;
• BUILD UP: covered by bullets above;
• DURING: if an incident occurs how to deal with it & how/when to engage your broker/insurer incl e.g. medical evacuation;
• AFTER: how to deal with settlement, roles of parties, what to say/not say,a nd content of settlement letter e.g. juxtapose aforesaid with brand value/damage.

Linking to the insurance speaker’s presentation, Nel will covering the following:
• The dangers of not having a written contract;
• Why you should have terms and conditions;
• Application of the CPA & POPI;
• Mediation as opposed to litigation.

“With such an incredible collective wealth of knowledgeable together at one conference, we would be amiss not to provide for networking at every opportunity”, adds Elliott. “Louis and I are both strong advocates for networking. Through sharing our hard-earned advice and experience we allow for bigger, better functions at even higher standards, and ultimately that serves the entire industry.”

MMSI is a full service global event management company specialising in serving mainly the healthcare sector, amongst others, and has over 25 years collective experience in delivering superior meetings and events across Southern Africa. MMSI is a small South African company with a global reach, delivering a seamless local service.

“We understand that every conference, meeting and event within each industry is unique. Each has its own objectives, demands and logistics. To succeed, you need experienced professionals with expertise in all phases of event planning and management – a team that can customize its services to match your needs,” concludes Elliott.

In keeping with this mantra, Eventually™ also offer industry-related services the opportunity to exhibit to this influential audience via branding opportunities and/or exhibition stands.

Contact Mandy Elliott for more information on +27 (0)11 794 5766 | email [email protected], or go to the event website

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