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Crisis Management in Tourism

When crisis strikes, there’s often little warning. In the blink of an eye, an incident such as a road accident, hijacking, kidnap, rape, assault, snake bite or life threatening illness inflicted upon your guests could thrust your business into chaos, writes Des Langkilde.

This is especially true of the tourism industry, where service providers have a ‘legal duty of responsible care’ to their guests. The manner in which an emergency or crisis situation is managed could well mean the difference between being found negligent in the event of a claim for financial damages being instituted against the provider or the guest taking no legal action at all for compensation.

The most common reaction to crisis situations is panic, which can best be described as an overwhelming feeling of fear and anxiety, resulting in a distinct inability to make rational decisions. To compound the situation, most emergency contact center staff are trained to react to specific defined events in the context of normal urban infrastructure with little experience or scope to design a response to out of the ordinary crisis situations.

To provide a solution to this problem, SATIB Insurance Broker’s clients have exclusive access to the SATIB24 Crisis Call service. In the event of an emergency crisis situation occurring, the SATIB client staff member or their appointed sub-contractor involved in the incident, simply contacts the SATIB 24 hour Crisis Call number. On assessment of the situation, SATIB24 will offer immediate advice and support the caller to contain the incident and minimise risk whilst smoothly mobilising the most appropriate response and reassuring the guest and other involved parties.

It must be stressed that the SATIB24 Crisis Call service does not seek to replace the police, fire brigade or existing emergency medical services but rather to act as a client centred first call option to contain and manage a crisis situation. The idea is to have a team of experienced professionals who understand you and your unique situation on your side in order to guide you through what can be a very tricky and risky process and give you the best possible chance of coming out the other side with alive, functional and satisfied guests.

SATIB24 is not an insurance product that is sold in isolation but rather a Free value-added service that is provided to all SATIB Clients. It is another way that SATIB is seeking to provide real risk solutions to their clients’ needs. Emergencies in the tourism industry are a serious problem and SATIB24 Crisis Call provides real help when you need it most.

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