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Cruising the South of France: Do’s and Don’ts


If you’re planning a cruise to the South of France in the future, it’s worth considering some basic do’s and don’ts for your trip; this can include taking the time to book high quality accommodation, which can be focused on finding holiday cottages in South of France. You should also make sure that you’ve researched the destinations that you’re stopping off at, and that you take the time to rest in the heat. These, and other do’s and don’ts, can be found below:


Pick the Right Route

Research the different ferry routes, and see which one will best suit your holiday. You might want to get on a cruise that takes the fastest route to France, or you may want to get a cruise that takes you on a more gradual trip around Spain and Portugal.

Book High Quality Accommodation If You’re Stopping Off

Check to see what accommodation is available off the coast if you’re leaving a boat for a few days; it’s possible to find high quality cottages, villas, gites, and campsites near to the coast, which can provide you with a break from the water.

Do Your Research Into Destinations

When stopping off, look at what you can practically do over a day in a destination. Plan out your shopping budget and a list of top sights for places such as Nice, Cannes, and St. Tropez, and book tickets for advance to avoid disappointment when visiting major places and sites.

Make Sure You Know Onboard Etiquette

There may be slightly different rules from cruise to cruise over what counts as inclusive service for your holiday, and what you might have to pay extra – for example, tipping etiquette can be complicated when you’re on a cruise, so check before you go.

Prepare for the Heat

Have plenty of bottled water with you, and keep yourself protected from the sun at the hottest times of the day. Plenty of suncream is also vital if you’re sunbathing.


Avoid the Chance to Rest

On long cruises, you’ll likely have some ‘sea days’, which you can use to get some much needed rest in between ports.

Travel At Certain Times of the Year

If you want to avoid being hit by large crowds and prices in ports on the Cote D’Azur, look to book your cruise outside of the school holidays – April to June can be an ideal time to travel if you want a bit more space on your journey.

Forget About Deals

Even though you’ve invested in a cruise, you can still keep to a budget when you’re visiting destinations along the way; check for deals on public transport, local markets, and accommodation, and particularly if you’re in a large group

Forget to Check Boat Sizes

You should always take the time to compare a range of different cruise boats before travelling; larger boats might be too impersonal if you want to get a more detailed understanding of a local area, and if you want to have less distractions on board.

Neglect to Contact Home

When on a long cruise, you should make use of contemporary boats’ choice of Wi-Fi and fixed internet points – there’s no excuse not to send emails or upload photographs as part of your trip, with more options available at port stops.

Author Bio :- Taylor Barratt enjoys travelling around Europe on summer cruises. For holiday cottages in the south of France along the way, she recommends using Chez Nous. She also blogs about how to plan the best family holidays in Europe.

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