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Cuba to Host Gourmet Seminar

The 8th Excelencias Gourmet International Gastronomic Seminar is set to captivate the boldest professionals from 4-6 June 2018 at El Laguito’s Protocol Hall in Havana, Cuba.

This time around, the seminar is dedicated to tapas and cocktails, in line with the declaration of Havana as the Iberian American Cocktail Capital. The three intense days include an exclusive program that engulfs pairings, tasting sessions, cooking shows, lectures and the launch of premium products.

As usual, the Gastronomic Seminar will be accompanied by outstanding national and international figures: world-class mixologists and chefs. The list is made up of prestigious professionals, such as British Dale Harris, world barista champion; Japanese Hiroyuki Terada, Guinness record holder, sushi chef and owner of Florida based Nove Restaurant; Catalonian chemist and culinary specialist, Pere Castells, the man behind the molecular cuisine secrets of Ferran Adria; prestigious Spanish Chef Nacho Chicharro; and avant-garde Hispanic bartender Frank Lola.

Raise your cup and join in a toast to the tapa, a cocktail for Excelencias!

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