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Glass Slipper Fits LUX Resorts South Africa

Rivonia-based PR agency, Glass Slipper Communications, has been appointed to manage the public relations and publicity requirements of LUX* Resorts & Hotels, within the South African market.

Effective 01 August 2017, the agency has been working closely with key stakeholders over the past weeks, in formulating an effective and creative through-the-line campaign. This with a plan to build upon current awareness levels of LUX* Resorts & Hotels, its USPs and stand-alone brand philosophy.

A core focus of the public relations strategy will be to showcase and communicate, amongst others, the group’s directive to assist people to celebrate life ~ by delivering consistently on the promise of a different class of luxury and hospitality that is distinctly Lighter. Brighter.

The brand is synonymous with staging exceptional experiences in different locales across the globe ~ whether on the Beach, in the City or surrounded by Nature ~ by banishing thoughtless patterns and being more simple, fresh and sensory than its competitors.

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