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Help fill empty tummies with a Heritage Bracelet

Heritage Day is celebrated on 24 September, and what better way is there to celebrate South Africa’s rich and diverse heritage than by buying or selling a beaded bracelet for just R40 each and support Feed SA at the same time.

Heritage-Feed-SA-LogoFEED SA, is a non-profit organisation, established to provide feeding programmes within townships for families who receive no other form of funding. FEED SA also sets up crèches, toilets, classrooms, and teacher training in townships.

They are committed to “feeding the hearts, minds and tummies” of South African children.

The handmade beaded bracelet not only helps FEED SA raise funds for projects, but also creates employment in a beading community in the rural NorthWest province. They also make the best-selling RHINO FORCE bracelet which has raised R4.6 million for rhino conservation.

FEED SA, a section 21 non-profit organisation, has partnered with The Bead Coalition (Pty) Ltd to raise funds for the vital feeding and education programmes it runs for children within townships. A bespoke, beaded bracelet, created by The Bead Coalition (Pty) Ltd, will help raise money for its various projects.

“At FEED SA we believe that a chance at a better life begins with a full tummy, which is why we’re committed to feeding the hearts, minds and tummies of South African children who are forced to go to school on an empty stomach,” explains Candice Etberg of FEED SA.

“Our goal is to establish feeding programmes within townships aimed at those who receive no other forms of funding. We wish to uplift South Africans by ensuring that each child from our beneficiaries is guaranteed at least two nutritious meals a day,” says Joanne Tooch of FEED SA.

In addition to the feeding programmes, FEED SA helps to build and set up crèches, including operations and infrastructure like classrooms, toilets, ablutions, kitchens and offices, as well as teacher training and teaching curriculum. “FEED SA takes a hands-on approach in the townships where we operate, at a grass roots level. We work with prominent and reliable leaders in the communities. To fund these projects, we approach corporate companies for their CSI, which in turn scores them points for their BEE ratings. We also engage in various fund-raising initiatives and approach the private sector” says Candice.

FEED SA’s latest project aims to raise funds through the sale of a bespoke South Africa Heritage Bracelet, created by The Bead Co. Joanne Lapin, CEO of The Bead Co, produced and designed the beaded bracelets, aimed at creating awareness and raising the funds needed to feed the hearts, minds and tummies of underprivileged South African children.

Heritage-Bracelet-Packaged“The SA Heritage bracelet is a beautiful delivery mechanism for FEED SA’s message – That every child has a right to be fed, educated and uplifted. We are therefore extremely proud to be associated with this initiative,” says Lapin. Local production of these hand-beaded bracelets also creates employment opportunities for previously disadvantaged South Africans. “Nett profits from the sale and payment of every Heritage bracelet will go directly to the projects and causes supported by FEED SA,” she says.

“We therefore urge all South Africans to celebrate their heritage and offer their support to those who are much less fortunate than we are by purchasing these uniquely South African artifacts,” concludes Etberg and Tooch.

The bracelets are available for R40 each incl VAT. Contact The Bead Co. on 083 609 1111 to order or email [email protected] for further info.


  • Presently, FEED SA is assisting 41 beneficiaries (approximately  5,147 people)
  • FEED SA focuses mainly on feeding, education and small building projects
  • Food handouts are done on a monthly basis – guaranteeing each child/person at least two meals per day for the month.
  • FEED SA trains teachers and care givers in the community, where the appropriate curriculum is then taught to the children – Teachers receive their Teacher Training certificate which is NQF level 4 training with an accreditation through the EDTP SETA
  • FEED SA’s beneficiaries consist mainly of crèches, as well as Community Centres, after school programmes, AIDS orphans, the elderly and bed ridden citizens.
  • FEED SA assists with building and structure where necessary, and where funds permit – with installation of toilets to building of classrooms, kitchens and little offices.
  • FEED SA is compliant with companies BEE level score ratings – and issues section 18a’s for tax deduction purposes


About The Bead Co. (Pty) Ltd

The Bead Coalition [Pty] Ltd is a private commercial business based in Johannesburg.  We identity specific causes, we create awareness and design themed, bespoke, beaded bracelets. Hand-made by previously unemployed communities in rural South Africa, the sale of our beaded range raises funds to make significant environmental, conversational and humanitarian change. Other bracelets include RHINO FORCE, OCEAN FORCE and QHUBEKA CYCLE FORCE amongst others.

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