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Holidays That Help Save The Ocean

First Group has launched a holiday campaign that aims to help save the oceans – a project that goes beyond introducing eco-friendly straws across its 30 hotels and resorts. 

First Group’s 13 beachfront properties have introduced fun beach clean-up activities as part of their holiday programme for children, families and anyone who is passionate about saving the oceans. And their efforts are rewarded with not only the jubilant feeling of having contributed towards preserving our ecosystem, but they also receive a refreshing drink or milkshake in exchange for their full bag of trash.

“Most of our properties have prime beachfront locations, which gives us the unique opportunity to spearhead beach cleanups as part of our holiday activity programme. Marine life is severely affected by pollution so it’s collectively our responsibility to improve the ocean’s ecosystem, while at the same time enjoying clean and safe beaches,” said Shaun Lamont, the Managing Director of First Group.

According to the United Nations Environment Programme, over 13 million tons of plastic seeps into the ocean every year, killing hundreds of thousands of marine animals. First Group’s ‘#TheLastStraw To Save the Sea’ campaign invites guests visiting any of their 13 beachfront hotels and resorts to get a glimpse into the enormity of the ocean plastic crisis by taking a trash bag with them when they head down to the beach. On their return, they can exchange their filled bag for a well-deserved refreshing drink or milkshake, compliments of First Group.  

“This is a gesture of appreciation to our guests for joining us in the initiative to preserve our oceans. It is such a rewarding feeling to contribute towards saving the planet and we believe that being a part of this campaign will stand out among their vacation memories,” said Lamont.

“We also hope that #TheLastStraw to save the sea will inspire our guests to continue saying ‘no’ to single-use straws and seek out other eco-friendly activities when they return home. If we can achieve that goal, then as a leading hospitality player we have succeeded in being a change agent for conservation and sustainability across our country,” Lamont concluded. 

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