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How to Prepare for a High-Altitude Trip

Research shows that many countries are recognising and prioritising adventure tourism as active spending of free time becomes more popular with tourists. Lazing away holidays on the beach is slowly being replaced by attractions that test our physical abilities. In relation to this, the number of tourists choosing high-altitude destinations is on the increase. The opportunity to experience an adventure, to test one’s abilities and endurance thresholds, makes mountain ranges, once the domain of only seasoned professionals, to be suitable for anyone nowadays.

How to prepare

Taking up the challenge of a trip to the higher and more dangerous mountains like Tatra or the Alps requires much earlier preparation.

First of all, you’d need to adequately prepare for the extreme conditions. Physical fitness is the first step in preparing for these difficult terrain routes. A visit to the gym several times a week is a start. Cardio exercises will improve your bodies ability to retain and transfer oxygen to muscle tissue. Another activity is indoor wall climbing. It is an increasingly popular sport and you can find a place where you can train in just about any city.

Climbing lower mountains

Another way to prepare for high-altitude trips is hiking and climbing less difficult routes in the lower mountain regions. In Poland or Slovakia, the Tatras will be the best for this, because, apart from typical tourist routes, there are sections that are not easy even for professionals.

On your own or with an organizer?

High-mountain tours, despite the fact that they are available to amateurs, are associated with many months of physical preparation, not to mention theoretical knowledge in this area. So choosing to climb Everest as a novice, or any other mountain for that matter, it is not a good idea. Tourists looking for adventure in the form of climbing expeditions into high mountain regions are advised to take advantage of the expert guidance offered by professional organisers. It is the best, and above all safest, way to ensure an enjoyable, rewarding adventure experience.

Which place to choose for your first trip?

Mountain ranges in the Himalayas are ideal for people who are looking for extreme adventure. If properly prepared, alpine trips in this area will be perfect for checking your capabilities. After a few trips, you may even be ready to tackle the peak summits. Manaslu is the eighth highest in terms of height in the world, at 8156 meters. It is located in Tibet and is characterized by its plateaued top. Remember, though, that this experience is only for highly trained mountaineers. For the less experienced, but still adventurous, high-altitude trips we recommend joining specialized tours guided by professional teams such as those offered by Asian-Trekking.

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