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JB Train Tours Closes Operations

JOHANNESBURG, 14 January 2020 – After more than four decades in the tourism industry in Southern Africa, JB Train Tours (Since 1975) will be coming to a ‘halt’ effective 15 February 2020.

“We’ve had long discussions, various meetings, alternative plans and some sleepless nights before we made the decision to close operations,” says Johan Badenhorst, CEO of JB Train Tours.

“As from Saturday 15th February 2020, we won’t be operational anymore – unless an energetic entrepreneur would like to continue this successful business!”

Badenhorst says that all JB Tours clientele who have booked and paid for upcoming tours in 2020 will be fully compensated. “Each and every one of our clients will receive a letter from us next week to request banking details,” he says. “They don’t need to call us.”

“We’ve made many friends and created many good memories on tours over all these years. We have many tales to tell, but we’ll stick with the good ones.

“Thanks for travelling with JB Train Tours and giving us the opportunity to share our beautiful country and its people with you,” Badenhorst concludes.

Over the years, the company has addressed the needs and specific requests of customers within the train journey niche market. These have included individuals, organisations, corporate companies, sports clubs, churches, and schools, both locally and abroad.

JB Train Tours head office is based in Sunward Park in Boksburg, in the province of Gauteng, South Africa, close to the Johannesburg International Airport.

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