Join the Commonwealth Youth Council as a Global Ambassador

London, 19 March 2020 – The Commonwealth has extended the deadline for Commonwealth Youth Council (CYC) membership applications to 05 April 2020. To become a Global Youth Ambassador and be eligible for the Commonwealth Youth Council, applicants must be between the ages of 15-27, have at least 3 years of experience working with a youth-led organisation, and be a Commonwealth citizen.

Commonwealth member countries in Africa include Botswana, Cameroon, Gambia, Ghana, Kenya, Lesotho, Mauritius, Mozambique, Namibia, Nigeria, Rwanda, Seychelles, Sierra Leonne, South Africa, Swaziland (Kingdom of eSwatini), Tanzania, Uganda, and Zambia,

The open positions at CYC are:

  • Chairperson (Open to Pacific Region only)
  • Vice-Chairperson – Inclusion and Engagement (Open to all Commonwealth Citizens)
  • Vice-Chairperson – Partnerships and Resources (Open to all Commonwealth Citizens)
  • Vice-Chairperson – Policy and Advocacy (Open to all Commonwealth Citizens)
  • Regional Representative – Africa and Europe Region
  • Regional Representative – Asia Region
  • Regional Representative – Caribbean and Americas Region
  • Regional Representative – Pacific Region
  • Representative – Special Interest Groups (Open to all Commonwealth Citizens).

To apply, you will need to be nominated by a national youth council or youth-led organisation and complete the online nomination form at www.mi-nomination.com/cyc.

Shortlisted candidates will start campaigning from 17 April 2020, and must be able to attend the Commonwealth Youth Forum (CYF) in Kigali, Rwanda, 20 to 23 June 2020, where elections will take place.

 If you are elected to the Commonwealth Youth Council, you will:

  • Serve Commonwealth young people from 2020 to 2022
  • Run, manage and develop the Commonwealth Youth Council
  • Join and organise workshops, forums and advisory panels
  • Help make policy recommendations.

While maximising your own talents, contacts and prospects, the CYC offers the opportunity to represent the perspectives of the Commonwealth’s 1.4 billion young people on pressing global issues such as climate change, pandemics, peace, entrepreneurship, gender equality, democracy and education.

You will be given a platform to advance young people’s ideas, innovations and cutting-edge solutions at a high level, policy-shaping forums around the world, such as the upcoming Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Rwanda.

“Filling these positions is critical for the empowerment of young people all over the Commonwealth. That is why we are extending our application deadline to April 5th, in light of the Coronavirus pandemic that has brought the world to crisis point and that may be affecting those who would like to apply,” said Layne Robinson, Head of Social Policy Division.

He added that the difficulties applicants may face in obtaining documents from ministries affected by the global pandemic will be taken into account, and applications will be accepted on the basis that documentation will be provided at a later date.

“Being a youth leader at this pivotal time is a great responsibility that requires hard work and commitment. But we know that there is an abundance of talent and unstoppable determination within our youth population. We look forward to hearing from you,” said Robinson.

Commonwealth Secretary-General Patricia Scotland added that the Commonwealth Youth Council draws together talent from all regions, and provides a forum to focus and amplify the voices of young people. “Its representatives combine ambition with action, and enable the needs and expectations of youth in our member countries to be heard.

“This helps equip the Commonwealth to tackle pressing social, economic and political issues, and alerts us to emerging global trends so that we can prepare collectively to deliver a common future that is fairer and safer for all,” Scotland concluded.

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