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LUX Resorts and Hotels

LUX* Resorts and Hotels has embarked on a journey towards a carbon-clean future, known as ‘Tread Lightly’.

Working with Ecosur Afrique, LUX* asks for a voluntary donation of €1 per room night – 32.5 per cent of which goes towards carbon-offsetting projects in LUX* regions while 67.5 per cent is invested in reducing the carbon emissions of LUX* properties.

Other earth-friendly measures employed by LUX* include energy-management systems, in-house water bottling, locally sourced ‘Earth & Dance’ waters, paper-reducing technology such as iPad room and reservation services, low-carbon Scrucap wines, all-organic spa rituals, energy-efficient LED lighting, and kitchen-oil recycling.

Further renewable-energy projects and water-optimisation programmes are in the pipeline.

Travel. Enjoy. Respect.

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