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Malawi – A Perfect Destination For Exploring Scenic Beauty

Often termed as the ‘warm heart of Africa’, Malawi is a beautiful and diverse country with the most varied landscapes found all over Africa. From lowest points just above the sea level to highest peaks of about 3000m, Malawi has a number of natural attractions to offer its visitors. The country is lush and green with highlands, mountains and forests that makes it a great tourist destination all throughout the year. Tourists can enjoy the natural beauty of Malawi and get to know about the local tradition and culture when they visit the country. Those who love adventure, leisure and eco-tourism attractions, Malawi is the perfect destination for them. The nature parks of the country that nature lovers will simply adore and game reserves, plateau trekking and mountain hiking are other major tourist attractions.


Malawi is not a developed country and the main reason behind this is it’s densely populated. The economy of the country relies mostly on agriculture. Fishing is a major occupation and a country exports fish to other countries. With a large population of tribals in Malawi, the matters of accepted behaviour is a major concern among travellers. But, fortunately for the visitors, Malawian society is very well integrated and visitors should not worry about social differences. The best time for a holiday is Winter from May to October but the dry season offers hiking opportunities as well. The country is blessed with rich flora and fauna and also has nine national parks and many wildlife reserves.

Malawi’s capital city, Lilongwe is situated by the Lilongwe river. The city is a major popular attraction and tourists search for cheaper flights all round the year to visit Lilongwe during vacations. The buildings in this largely green city are divided by green patches. Trees as well as grassy lands are found all over the city. Compared to other African countries, Lilongwee is much better in terms of infrastructure, traffic and city planning. Many tour operators offer cheap flights to Lilongwe. Travellers find it exciting to explore the city. The city has been divided into three major parts with the Old Town and New Town further divided by the Lilongwe Nature Sanctuary. The Old Town is developed mostly around original village while New Town is known as Malawian capital or City Center. Lake Malawi situated in Liwonde National Park is a major attraction for guests where they can enjoy safari holidays in a comfortable climate.

When it comes to accommodation in Malawi, the country offers the best accommodation to its guests. Most of the lodges have double- bed rooms, air conditioners and every possible amenities for the travellers. These lodges also have recreational facilities like water sports of different forms including sailing, swimming and windsurfing. The safari holidays offer the visitors an opportunity to chill out outdoors. With breathtaking views around, Malawi has everything possible to take its travellers by surprise. Luxury lodges situated near the coast or near National parks are great source of attraction for their scenic beauty, wildlife and relaxing after a tiring day on safari.

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Tom Bowden along with his partner Rachel Balm run the Malawi Lodge that offer like a home-like atmosphere to the guests. Their lodge is an affordable option while one is searching for hotel Lilongwe.

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