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Rooftop Hotels Infographic

There are few things better than enjoying a good dinner or relaxing with a drink while enjoying a panoramic view of a city. This infographic from Top Grade Roofing takes you through some of the best rooftop terraces around the world.

For example, if you’re ever in Bangkok, you should definitely check out the 63rd floor of Lebua at State Tower. The protruding balcony makes it seem like you are floating over the entire city. The food there will be pricey but it may be worth it as a treat for a once in a lifetime experience.

For some calm in a bustling city, the 20th floor of Hotel Gansevoort in New York is a must visit destination. Relax while looking onto the bustling city below you. Mamara Pera in Istanbul is another wonderful destination. The restaurant serves a great selection of Turkish and Scandinavian specialities as you enjoy the beautiful views of Istanbul from the 11th floor. Find out more about the best rooftop hotels in the infographic.

Find out more about the best rooftop hotels in the infographic below:

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