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The Best and Worst Countries for Solo Female Travel

A solo female traveller walking along a coastline

Journalists Asher and Lyric Fergusson have collaborated with a group of students studying Journalism and Research at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona in Spain to create an infographic that ranks the World’s ‘Worst (and Safest) Countries for Solo Female Travel in ...

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Where in the World Can I Vape? A Traveller’s Guide

With the growing popularity of vaping around the world, more people than ever want to vape while on their travels. However, travellers need to be aware that regulations on vaping can vary vastly from country to country and you must be ...

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Drug Tourism versus War On Drugs

Recreational drug tourism may well become a lucrative niche market sector, specifically for cannabis experiences in Africa, but would this habit only serve to aid the global trade in illicit drugs or has the ‘War On Drugs’ already failed? The ...

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Africa’s Endangered Wildlife Species

Year after year, one wildlife species or another gets added to the endangered list around the globe. In Africa, the continent known for its abundant fauna, several marine and land species have been pushed to the brink of extinction. Over the next ...

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Rooftop Hotels Infographic

There are few things better than enjoying a good dinner or relaxing with a drink while enjoying a panoramic view of a city. This infographic from Top Grade Roofing takes you through some of the best rooftop terraces around the ...

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Quick Guide to Southern Africa Tourism

The Southern Africa Tourism infographic shown below represents the members of the Regional Tourism Organisation of Southern Africa (RETOSA) – a Southern African Development Community (SADC) body responsible for the development of tourism and regional destination marketing across 15 Southern Africa countries: ...

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TripAdvisor at 16, The Facts

TripAdvisor is no stranger to the travel trade but did you know that it started life above a tiny pizza parlour called Kostas in the town of Needham, Massachusetts, USA in February 2000, writes Peter Corcoran. Sixteen years later and ...

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Travel & Tourism Infographic

It’s amazing that 1 in 11 jobs globally rely on the travel and tourism industry as this infographic compiled by Mario Skrzypczak of Nerval Corporation (www.nervalcorp.com

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The Rise of South Africa’s Low Cost Airlines

Many travellers are confused about all these new airlines in South Africa – why does one carrier charge extra for luggage when the others don’t? Why does one give me a free cup of coffee when the other guys are ...

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