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SUBIOS, the Seychelles Festival of the Sea… all sails ahoy!

Everyone interested in the sea can finally go to Beau Vallon to the much awaited SUBIOS, the Seychelles Festival of the Sea, being held from Friday 22 November to 24 November at the Regatta site at Beau Vallon, Seychelles.

SUBIOS-PosterAlthough many activities held annually to mark the festival have been launched many months ago, it is only this week that SUBIOS, the Seychelles Festival of the Sea 2013 takes place in earnest.

This edition of the SUBIOS, the Seychelles Festival of the Sea kick starts with the arrival of the reggae stars due to arrive in the country for the Festival of the Sea reggae festival.

For the first time in its history, The Seychelles Tourism Board has joined forces with Explorer entertainment to add a musical twist to the festivities aimed at highlighting the importance of the ocean – which is also two thirds of the Seychelles territories.

First to land was Everton Blender early yesterday morning, he is to be followed by Mr Vegas on Friday and Tanya later that same afternoon.

However the popular reggae artist performing at the mini stadium in town will not be the only attraction at the festival this year.

The Seychelles Tourism Board which is behind SUBIOS , the Seychelles Festival of the Sea will also have educational games and fun days organised at the Regatta site at Beau Vallon as well.

Traditionally SUBIOS, the Seychelles Festival of the Sea is held to educate and create more awareness of the importance of the beautiful turquoise blue seas of the Seychelles. This is done with through photo and video competitions launched earlier on in the year. Video and photography enthusiasts were invited to submit their best works of the underwater world for the opportunity to win air tickets in return.

Still with the aim of educating the public, the event’s organizer, the Tourism Board has already published its annual treasure hunt in the daily Nation Newspaper – a game whereby playing a word game could give the participants the chance to win a surprise prize sponsored by Jouel Jewelers.

Finally for those interested in the sea as well as sports will be performing in the triathlon – at Beau Vallon again in the hope of clinching one of the many interesting prizes.

The Seychelles Tourism Board says this year it has kept with the tried and tested formula of including sports, entertainment and good food to educate people about the wonders of the sea that surrounds us.

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