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The Best Craft Beer By Far Darling

CAPE TOWN, 13 July 2019 – Following my review, Darling Brew Woodstock Launches Craft Beer Classes, I mentioned that I’d be invited to come back in six weeks to sample the night’s brew prepared by master brewer Hennie Blom during their #MasterClass beer brewing demonstration.

Well, it’s taken nearly 10 weeks for the invite to arrive, informing that a keg of the brew created on the day is ready for collection. But then, I guess that creating a quality brew takes time.

Stopping off at 85 Albert Road along the way to attend another media function in Cape Town, my son Chase and I met Darling Brew Woodstock GM Lars Pflanz, who, at the time, was serving behind the bar counter.

After some confusion about whether we were here to collect a barrel or a keg, Pflanz proudly produced the required 5L mini keg. What I didn’t know (and subsequently researched while writing this post) is that beer is kegged in various size containers, as follows:

Keg Size Quick Reference Chart

Cornelius KegSixth Barrel KegQuarter Barrel KegSlim Quarter KegHalf Barrel Keg50 Litre
Capacity (L/gal/oz)18.93L
5.0 gal
640 oz
5.16 gal
661 oz
7.75 gal
992 oz
7.75 gal
992 oz
15.5 gal
1,984 oz
13.2 gal
1,690 oz
Bottles/Cans (12oz)53558282165140
Pints (16 oz)40416262124105
Growlers (64 oz)101015.515.53126
Width (Diameter)9″9¼”16⅛”11⅛”16⅛”16.06″
Weight (Full)55 lbs58 lbs87 lbs87 lbs160 lbs130 lbs
Alternate Names Corny Keg⅙ Barrel,
Pony Keg,
Stubby Quarter
Tall QuarterFull-Size Keg,
Full Keg
Import Keg,
European Barrel,
50 Litre

So, there you have it. How was I supposed to know that there’s a difference between a barrel and a keg, even though the table above refers to them all as being a ‘keg’? Perhaps I should have been more specific and requested a 50 keg.

Anyway, after receiving our mini-keg along with Pflanz’s stern advise to “keep it refrigerated”, and his assurance that the beer “will last 6-weeks in the fridge unopened, and 3-weeks after opening, but less an hour after you taste it”, we headed off to our next venue engagement which, thankfully, had a fridge to store the precious mini keg.

Arriving home this evening, Chase (who, by the way, turned 19 yesterday) couldn’t wait to sample Hennie Blom’s demo brew. Being a typical ‘manly man’ teenager, he didn’t take the time to read the decanting instructions printed on the keg. Instead, he simply turned and pulled the base plug out, and without first positioning a beer mug to receive the nectar, pressed the plunger, depositing a gush of foam onto the kitchen floor.

Darling Brew 5L keg spout

Thus enlightened, Chase positioned a beer mug beneath the spout and again pressed the plunger. A jet of foam spurted forth, then spluttered to a few drips – and stopped. After reading the instructions, an air-pressure release valve positioned on the top of the keg was turned, which, finally, produced a steady flow of the amber liquid with less foam.

Darling Brew 5L keg

And the taste? Well, you’ll have to find that out yourself by booking to attend one of Darling Brew Woodstock’s regular brew class experiences.

For more information visit or call 074 328 1405 or follow on Instagram @DBWoodstock.

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