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Part 3: Understanding Exposure

The single most important element in photography is light, as it is the capturing and recording of light that creates truly stunning photographs. By Peter Wickham. The amount of light allowed to be captured is called the exposure and therefore ...

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Part 2: Understanding Depth Of Field

Autumn trees along a lake

Whilst there are many technical aspects relating to this subject, Depth Of Field (DOF) relates basically to the area in the photograph which will be acceptably sharp. By Peter Wickham. There is an area in front of your point of ...

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Arts Academy expands its impact

The positive impact that the Tsogo Sun Arts Academy has had on many youngsters’ lives in its two full years of operation inspired two other Tsogo Sun properties to embark on their own local programmes, which are now reaping rewards ...

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Lights, camera, and fabulous action on stage!

Lights… Camera… Action… It was a joyful celebration of a year filled with fun, laughter, learning, song and dance, as the top performers in the Tsogo Sun Arts Academy took to the stage for their year-end concert. The irrepressible joy ...

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