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The Impact of Pinterest on Copyright Laws

The traditional realm of copyright is being tested in a world where “liking”, “retweeting”, and “pinning” have become part of everyday life. By Leanne van Breda and Janet Mackenzie. Pinterest has made it easy for users to collect images and inspiration ...

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Can you Justify your Fixed-term Contracts?

It is important for employers to ensure that they are able to justify the grounds for fixing a limited duration of employment and that there is full compliance with the relevant provisions of the LRA insofar as ensuring the protection ...

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HR Issues: Mobile Images & Employee Privacy

mobile phone lock

This court case is important for Human Resource managers as it highlights the fact that although an employee has a right to privacy, it is not absolute and cannot be relied upon by an employee acting with ulterior motives to ...

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Night Shift, Employees and Transportation

When overtime and night work overlap, are employees entitled to transportation? By Fiona Leppan. Night shifts raise concerns, especially about the safety of employees and the transport available to employees who perform night work. Although section 17(2)(b) of the Basic ...

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