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Tamassa Resort Mauritius Launches ‘Manzé Lakaz’

Tamassa Resort has just launched an exciting new guest experience – Manzé Lakaz (Food from Home) Home cooking is part of every country’s culture but rarely experienced by tourists. Tamassa innovates and includes Manzé Lakaz within the facilities it offers its guests.

Tamassa is a vibrant Mauritian four-star resort set in tropical gardens on white sandy beaches with rustling coconut trees and a cobalt lagoon.


Located at Bel Ombre in the south-west region of Mauritius, Tamassa is surrounded by dramatic mountains and dense sugarcane fields. Here an effervescent zest for life combines with contemporary design to bring the young (and young at heart) the perfect spot for fun and relaxation.

It all started when the resort realised that there was a host of hidden talent amongst its own team – and not just those already working in its kitchens. With a strong belief that everyone is a Chef at Heart, team members have been invited to share some of their household specialities with guests, dishes rarely found in hotel restaurants. After all, the true soul of Mauritius can best be found in traditional home cooking. Add to that the fact that warm and friendly Mauritians love sharing the delights of their island with visitors and the bonus that guests can go back home with the recipe of their meal.

Taking guests to people’s houses has its attractions but it doesn’t always work out the way everyone would like…so Tamassa has selected some of the best team recipes and now offers them to guests within the resort itself, cooked by the “specialists” themselves. The result is that guests have the opportunity to savour local Mauritian food as prepared at home! All the dishes cooked by team members have been meticulously checked by the Executive Chef, who ensures that it matches the resort’s culinary standards.


Manzé Lakaz underpins Tamassa’s commitment to highlighting the best of Mauritian culture, based on the resort’s philosophy that guests use Tamassa as a base from which to experience something of what the real Mauritius has to offer. As General Manager Nitesh Pandey comments, “In our quest to help guests celebrate life, we’ve combined the friendliness of our people with the diversified cuisine of our paradise island , garnished with love & emotions. This has resulted in the truly Authentic Mauritian home cooking of Manzé Lakaz, which showcases a variety of flavours and aromas, reflecting the different migrations the country has seen over the centuries..”

A taste of what’s on offer

The mouth-watering range of local dishes includes Lentil soup with leg of goat, Venison curry with jackfruit and lilva beans, Papaya and carrot salad, and Carrot halwa with coconut and sultanas. And the backgrounds of the team members are as varied as the dishes. They include a former junior champion boxer, a couple of fishing enthusiasts, the only lady on the security team and a lady from the Kids’ Club.

But they are just a few of the names and dishes guests can now meet at Tamassa – and the only sensible thing to do is to get over there and meet them!

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