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Onward to Walking One Million Miles

Paul Steyn is at it again. The energy of this young man never ceases to amaze. This time Paul will be embarking on a 3000km walk from Pretoria to Nelspruit to Durban to Cape Town.

Paul will be accompanied by fellow amputee Mike Minnie and Lourens Delport, their driver and on hand assistant.

The mission: to create awareness concerning amputees and to raise funds for those amputees not in a financial position to buy a prosthetic leg. 

On his previous walks, Paul raised enough money to help 16 people with prosthetic legs. The challenge is on. 

A beautiful gesture is that the first donation will happen right at the start when a double amputee will receive both legs from PSF as well as a leanership to better herself in life.  She will be there to show what a life-changing donation this is.

The very exciting news is that Xolani Luvuno, the famous amputee who has just completed the very challenging 2018 Comrades on his crutches, will be joining Paul and Mike on their first day. Paul and Xolani have great admiration for one another and played a huge roll in each other’s lives. 

Ernst van Dyk, South Africa’s champion wheelchair racer and national sales manager at Ossur, will also join the walkers alongside another 30 or so amputees at the start of this epic walk.

This journey will stretch over a 5 month period and will start 26 June in Pretoria and end 26 November in Cape Town.

The Paul Steyn Foundation has the privilege to have Ossur, the second largest medical O&P company in the world, as their main sponsor of this event.  Ossur has already committed to sponsor components to 10 amputees en route this walk and is also the official personal sponsor to Paul Steyn.  Ossur has also now given Mike Minnie a leg and a Pro-flex foot as to be able to walk comfortably on this 5-month journey. The Ossur sponsorship has a value of nearly R1million.

Paul and Mike will be monitored regularly by Dr De La Rey Pretorius from PDM incorporated.  Dr Pretorius has been the orthotist who assisted Paul, Xolani, Mike and many others with their prosthetic limbs.

This adventurous journey will kick off at 8h30 on Tuesday 26 June 2018 at the Parkview Lifestyle Centre in Pretoria where members of the public and the corporate world will greet Paul, Mike and Lourens as they embark on the 3000km walk. 

For more information visit the Paul Steyn Foundation or follow the journey on Facebook and Twitter.

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