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Tourism Education: Online Staff Training

Using online learning tools removes boardroom barriers and allows staff to learn at their own pace. So why aren’t more companies – and individuals – taking their training into the digital space? By Nawal du Toit.

Corporate training, as many people think, generally involves sitting in a boardroom or conference center, taking notes on branded notepads. The course or workshop might include interesting talks, team-building exercises and stacks of printed notes that may or may not be read again outside of the “classroom”. Almost certainly, there will be tea and biscuits, and the time lost for training will somehow have to be made up.

There are many studies that suggest that no two people learn effectively in exactly the same way. When confronted by lengthy speeches in a classroom-like space, some may struggle to grasp the content while others will simply listen and absorb every word. Likewise, with digital learning, some may be quite happy studying in a busy, noisy office. Others, however, may prefer to learn in a quiet space in their own home.

So why aren’t more companies – and individuals – taking their training into the digital space?

Using online learning tools removes barriers and allows staff the freedom to learn at their own pace – which is essential in today’s fast-paced world.  Staff can learn on the bus or train, in-between business commitments, while waiting for a meeting to start, or whenever else is most convenient for them.

If you’re an employer setting up training for your staff, online training provides the option to simply block off time in your staff schedule that works around everything else on the agenda, instead of the other way around. There is no longer a need to sacrifice days of work to achieve the best for, and from, your employees.

With training no longer requiring individuals and teams to leave the workplace, the capacity for training in every aspect of the business can be amplified, resulting in increased productivity from the newly-upskilled team or individual.

There are many online courses that are suited to the travel, tourism and hospitality industry – from basic service and/or management skills to personal selling skills that could boost an employee’s career.

In South Africa, Educate24 offers short courses, developed by top academics, on Customer Relationship Management, Developing People, Hotel Housekeeping, Working in a Hotel, Restaurant Service Basics, and Customer Service Skills, to name a few. There are over 75 very affordable courses available to teach the core skills that employees need for staff to excel at their jobs.

Additionally, by taking your staff training online, employers will be able to track the progress of each individual. This will give your human resource department a clear indication of which employees have an aptitude for a specific field and which employees require more development. In essence, employers will have a birds eye view of where the strengths lie within their workforce, and be able to utilise that to maximum effect.

Everyone, from chief executives to maintenance staff, deserve access to quality training that will allow them to fulfil their potential.

About the Author: Nawal du Toit is the General Manager of digital training platform Educate24.

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